Construction’s Summer of Love

August 12th, 2013 Posted in: Industry Issues

Us Brits love to discuss the weather but for once, the topic of conversation isn’t limited to the often unseasonal British summer. No, for the first time in a long time, we are enjoying a heatwave (expect torrential rain when this goes out) and although the dark days of the recent recession still continue to cast a shadow, there is a definite glimmer of something more rare than continuous summer sunshine. It’s optimism. And thanks to the buzz created by Construction News’ #loveconstruction campaign, it’s proving to be infectious.

Understandably there will be the cynics among us that will dismiss the notion of declaring our love for an industry that is quite often a tough one to survive in as superficial nonsense but underneath the frivolity of many of the tweets, blogs and articles that the campaign has encouraged (this unashamedly being one of them), there is much more than meets the eye. The campaign is igniting passions, creating debate and more importantly, bringing about a change in the way we think, feel and communicate and what it is really like to live and breathe construction.

The construction industry has become disillusioned, understandably after the turbulent period of economic uncertainty that we continue to face, and the #loveconstruction campaign is helping to strip away some of that cynicism to help us remember why we chose this job in the first place. To see so many people share their own stories of how they came to work in construction, what elements of their job still give them the unbeatable feeling of job satisfaction and why, despite all the long hours and stress they continue to stick it out is truly inspirational. And if it’s enough to inspire some of our more experienced and dare I say jaded industry colleagues, just think of the positive effect it must be having on the younger generation of construction workers and apprentices on whose talents the future of construction depends.

Another example of the way the #loveconstruction campaign is evoking change is in the way it’s being communicated. The industry has long been criticised for not embracing the powers of social media and now many construction companies, Lakesmere included, are ramping up their activity and getting involved in debates on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to name a few.

It would seem that there are plenty of reasons to love construction and at the moment Construction News’ campaign is definitely at the top of my list. To get involved and to find out more about what Lakesmere loves about construction, follow @Lakesmere and #loveconstruction on Twitter and take a look at Lakesmere’s Facebook page.

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