How training tomorrow’s talent can help to future-proof your business

March 4th, 2013 Posted in: Business Development

Employers often count experience as one of the key attributes they look for when recruiting staff but many potential employees, particularly the younger candidates, find it difficult to even get a foot in the door.  Throughout history apprenticeships have provided a good solution to developing individual talent and strengthening existing businesses and over recent years, specific training programmes aimed at young people have further helped to create a new generation of enthusiastic hard workers and potentially, future leaders and innovators.

Although we have a number of traditional apprenticeships currently underway, there is a distinct lack of such schemes available for ‘non trade’ work and as such, Lakesmere has had to develop its own ways of nurturing young talent to suit the specific needs of the business. In much the same way that an apprentice learns through a combination of formal qualifications and practical ‘hands on’ experience, our targeted training programmes have helped to create a pool of enthusiastic employees that possess the specific skills and work ethics that we require both now and more importantly, in the future.

Lakesmere has long been an advocate of developing young talent and our graduate training programmes play an important role in our recruitment process and the future success of our business as a whole. We are also currently looking at how through early intervention young people can be given the best opportunities and we are engaging with local schools to promote new pathways into careers where bespoke training is provided. Our pilot scheme has been extremely successful, resulting in the support and development of a 15 year old student who is now ‘job ready’.  A further two team members under the age of 20 who have developed their business skills to NVQ L3 standard are also bringing innovative solutions to the workplace, ensuring that what they may lack in experience is more than made up for by their appetite and willingness to learn new skills.

There are many rewards to be reaped through the investment in young workers, one being that they are extremely adaptable and as they don’t have to ‘unlearn’ ways of working, are often most valuable at times of significant change within an industry.  For example, by cutting their teeth on some of Lakesmere’s most technically complex projects, many of our younger employees start their careers in our design office, working on projects that rely heavily on 3D design, and more recently, BIM. These types of skills are not always readily available on the external job market but are essential to the continued growth and success of an innovative business like Lakesmere.  By developing our own homegrown talent, our apprentices and young employees are undoubtedly one of our most important assets.

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