Industry Awards – a rewarding experience?

July 30th, 2012 Posted in: Industry Issues

The construction industry is, like many other sectors, awash with award schemes from large-scale events organised by leading trade media bodies to the smaller more intimate ceremonies dedicated to a specific supply chain or project team. Everyone likes to be a winner but anyone who has ever tackled the often daunting stack of paperwork that is often required to be completed as part of the submission process would be forgiven for wondering if the shiny trophy that may or may not be received is worth the time and often the expense of taking part. So what are the rewards of industry awards?

For its part Lakesmere has always been a dedicated participant of the many industry awards schemes that are available and so it is with the benefit of being both the winner, loser and the frustratingly close runner-up that we have been able to evaluate our own involvement. The networking opportunities that attending such events present are obviously appealing and can be extremely beneficial despite the often significant price-tag attached. The boost to staff morale, both in terms of attending events, being nominated and ultimately winning high-profile awards should also not be underestimated.

But is there more to industry awards than just a nice trophy and the feel-good factor? Obviously it depends on the award the scheme in question but overall, I would say yes.

Being recognised and rewarded for excellence in front of the good and the great of the industry, has contributed enormously to building the Lakesmere brand over the years and helped make our brand synonymous for quality, innovation and technical ability. Furthermore, accolades for Health & Safety achievements such as the safety award schemes run by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) have helped to add further weight to our already impressive health and safety record. Our close relationship with supply chain partner Corus Kalzip has also been further strengthened by our continuous support of the Teamkal Awards, dedicated to the installer network of which we are a founding member.

It is also worth noting that award schemes often present unexpected yet rewarding opportunities. For example, certain award schemes now require nominees to take part in a face-to-face interview with the judging panel to support the written submissions. Although from personal experience I can say that this can be quite daunting, it is also a fantastic way to evaluate and improve on the way in which we present our company and the lessons learnt from this can be effectively cascaded down to every site meeting and business pitch. Taking part in schemes outside of the industry can also be advantageous, as we have recently discovered through our involvement in the Orange National Business Awards and the subsequent PR and business opportunities that we have been involved in.

Even if putting your business forward for an award doesn’t appeal, there are huge rewards to be gained by sponsoring an event and this is something that Lakesmere has done for this first time this year at the 2012 Construction News Awards where we chose to sponsor the Specialist Contractor of the Year category.

Overall it’s fair to say that providing you are selective and considered in your approach to industry awards, the investment of both time and money in taking part can be invaluable to your brand. your marketing campaigns and your business as a whole.

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  1. Sam Shwutz Says:

    Great write-up, I could not have said it better.

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