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Lakesmere has extensive experience of delivering complex roofing projects using a wide range of metal, composite, single ply and green roofing systems.  To complete the roofing package, we offer a range of ancillary items and a full design, supply and installation service. 

Standing Seam Roofing

Lakesmere works with leading manufacturers such as Kalzip and Bemo and is recognised as one of the most experienced installers of standing seam roofing worldwide. 

We specialise in complex projects with unusual or technically challenging designs.  At King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah Lakesmere has successfully delivered the world’s largest single standing seam project, covering an area of 350,000m2 with bronze Kalzip standing seam roofing.  

Other metal roofing systems offered include composite panel and profiled metal systems.

Composite Roofing

A cost effective roofing system which includes the lining, insulation and top sheet layers all in one panel. 

Composite roofing is a fast, economical and durable solution which comes in a range of profiles, coatings and finishings with high insulation properties, ideal for large projects where complex shapes are not required

Single Ply Roofing

Lightweight single ply roofing offers design freedom and can be used to achieve complex roof shapes.  Lakesmere can offer a range of systems for flat, pitched or inverted roofs, such as PVC membranes or reinforced rubberized bitumen systems, and will be able to recommend the most suitable option for the building. 

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